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My creative practice has 4 key components; people, place, objects and archives which are brought to life by the social connections between them.   I am hooked in by the passions that people have to place and intrigued by how that manifests itself through memory, triggered by images, objects using all our senses.  People are imperative to my work, I need to engage, hear them talk, write and respond; my practice is socially engaged and process oriented. 

My approach is strongly research-based and often takes me to museums, archives and libraries, delving into history books and old maps, visualising up through the geological layers to the surface and the human history above.  I am an organiser, often categorising and ordering as part of my creative output.

My interest in language and communication has also developed into artists’ books.  My skills from my background in IT extend this interest into blogs which I like to use to facilitate additional discussion or feedback, providing an ongoing connection to the people with whom I engage for a project.

I am intrigued by how we as people develop our own personal sense of who we are by the space around us, how our childhood home, full of meaning and intimate experience, can shape who we become as adults and affect how we inhabit and recall our world, which I continue to question through my work.

Creative Professional Development
  • 2008-2010 | DISTINCTION | MA Site, Place & Archive Interventions, UCLan, Preston
  • 2005-2008 | FIRST | BA (Hons) Fine Art, Wirral Metropolitan CollegeBirkenhead
  • 2004-2005 | DISTINCTION | Art Foundation, Priestley CollegeWarrington

  • Working Lives (2014-16), Exploring Halton's Collections, Runcorn & Widnes
  • Dementia & Imagination - Research Artist (2014-16), North East England
  • Fort Walney Uncovered (2014-15), Art Gene - Walney Island, Barrow in Furness
  • in-situ in-residence in-pendle (2013), Brierfield, Lancashire
  • Bright Beginnings Community Nursery (2013), Adswood, Stockport
  • Exploring Halton’s Collections (2008-2010), Norton Priory, Runcorn Town HallWidnes Library & Catalyst Chemical Museum
  • Elevate: Scratch the Surface, Dig a Little Deeper (2008) in Pennine Lancashire
  • Stockton Heath Primary School (2006-2008), WarringtonCheshire
  • Tell it to the Water (2016), Canal & River Trust on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal for #LL200
  • This will never happen, performance for LADA and Heart of Glass, St Helens
  • #sharethespace (2015), Canal & River Trust, Blackburn
  • When I think of you I think of Sundays (2015), Performance for 2020+, Manchester
  • Going Home (2015) Performance workshop with Geraldine Pilgrim, LADA at AND Festival
  • Wandering the Green Ways of West Bank (2015), Halton CCG
  • Table Manners (2015), Runcorn Town Hall for Halton Heritage Partnership
  • The Homeless Library (2015), Stockport & Manchester with arthur+martha
  • A Million Maybes (2015), performance for HOST exhibition, Warrington
  • Inspired Responses (2015), Wade Deacon High School, Widnes
  • Poetic Projection (2014), St Maries Church, Widnes
  • Tontine Trading (2014), St Helens Market
  • Super Slow Way (2014), in-situ along the Liverpool-Leeds canal
  • Inspired Responses (2014), St Chad’s School, Runcorn
  • stonepaperwater, and us (2013): Not A Drop, London
  • Sharing our History, Stockton Heath (2013) for Purple Flag
  • Thirty Instruments Loaned by Ladies (2013), The Harris MuseumPreston
  • The Miners Cathedral (2013), St Augustine’s Primary, Pendlebury
  • Inspired Responses 8 (2012), The Heath School, Runcorn
  • Inspired Responses 8 (2012), Cronton 6th Form College, Cronton
  • Inspired Responses 7 (2011), Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy
  • Wiggsters Reunited (2011), Friends of Wigg Island, Runcorn
  • Stories of Chat Moss (2011), Salford Museum & St Mary’s Primary, Cadishead
  • Walking through History (2011), CUE & The Oldham Academy North
  • Teacup Talks (2011), Norton Priory - Runcorn: Bridgewater Canal
  • Telling Tales on Bridgewater (2011), 4-mile Bridgewater Canal performance
  • Table Talk (2010), Runcorn Town Hall
  • Salt Lines (2010), 17-mile cycle ride: Northwich - Widnes
  • Sorting Out (2009): Catalyst Chemical Museum display, Widnes
  • Talking with Strangers (2009), VeniceItaly
  • Playful Order (2009); Halton Town Hall, Runcorn, Cheshire
  • A Floating Museum (2009): Bridgewater Canal, Halton, Cheshire
  • Green Field Art (2008); Stockton Heath, Cheshire
  • Talking with Strangers (2008), BerlinGermany
  • Real People (2008), Williamson Art GalleryBirkenhead

Solo Exhibitions:
  • Playful Order (2010), The Brindley Arts Centre, Runcorn
  • Rivers, Canals & Crossings (2010), Catalyst MuseumWidnes
  • Norton Priory Museum (2010)

  • Landmarks & Boundaries (2016-7), The Gallery at St Georges House, Bolton
  • Fort Walney Uncovered (2016), Art Gene, Barrow in Furness
  • Landmarks & Boundaries (2016), The Brindley, Runcorn
  • Knitted Curiosities (2015), Hazlehurst Studios, Runcorn
  • Inspired Responses (2015), The Brindley, Runcorn
  • HOST (2015), The Gallery at Bank Quay House, Warrington
  • Sheffield Sculpture Trail (2014)
  • Cabinets of Curiosity (2014), The Colonnades, Albert Dock, Liverpool
  • Colonize, Liverpool (2014)
  • Colonize, Jamestown, New York (2014)
  • Right Here, Right Now (2014), Brierfield, Lahore & Houston
  • Canalology (2014), POST London 
  • The Imaginary Museum (2014), The Tetley, Leeds 
  • From the Curious to the Contemporary (2014), Warrington Museum & Art Gallery
  • Artists & Archives (2014), World of Glass Museum, St Helens 
  • Inspired Responses (2014), The Brindley, Runcorn
  • Heritage Detectives (2013), The Brindley, Runcorn
  • I am Awaiting the Arrival of Night (2013), The Gallery at Bank Quay House, Warrington
  • Chester Open Art Exhibition (2013)
  • Curiosity Acquired (2013), 2021 Arts Centre, Scunthorpe
  • Inspired Responses 8 (2013), The Brindley, Runcorn
  • Warrington Contemporary Art Exhibition (2012)
  • There is something disconcerting about a dead zebra (2012), Warrington Museum
  • There is something disconcerting about a dead zebra (2012), The Brindley, Runcorn
  • Hide Bird Magnet (2012), Walthamstowe, London
  • An Exchange with Sol le Witt (2011), New York
  • Wirral Spring Exhibition (2011), Williamson Museum & Art Gallery, Birkenhead
  • Halton Open Exhibition (2011), Norton Priory Museum
  • This is England (2010); LahorePakistan
  • The Drawing Show (2009), Brindley, Runcorn, Cheshire
  • Postcards from Home (2009); Rossendale Valley Artists Exhibition
  • Wirral Spring Exhibition (2009); Williamson Art GalleryBirkenhead
  • Wirral Spring Exhibition (2008); Williamson Art GalleryBirkenhead
  • A Show (2008), Williamson Art GalleryBirkenhead
  • Best of Merseyside (2008); National Conservation Centre, Liverpool
  • Wirral Homes (2007); Birkenhead
  • diherent (2007), Pacific Road Arts Centre, Birkenhead
  • Wirral Open Art/Photography Exhibition (2006): Highly commended
  • WildArtExpo (2006), Cheshire Wildlife Trust, Chester
  • Breasts, Chests & Boobs (2006), Westbourne, Hampshire
  • ArtatWork (2006), Trader Digital Media Group, Newton-le-Willows
  • Chester Open Art Exhibition (2006)
  • Priestley College (2006), Art Foundation Exhibition
  • Blueprint Design (2006), Warrington

Collaborative Space (with Hannah Elizabeth Allan)
  • At the Edge of Darkness (2013), Performance, Warrington Museum & Art Gallery
  • Looking at the Gates of Paradise (2013): performance, The Harris Museum, Preston
  • Looking at the Gates of Paradise (2012): Performance commission for In Certain Places as part of Preston Guild Celebrations
  • The Bright Unknown (2012), Warrington (led outdoor performance & guided walk)

  • 30 Instruments Loaned by Ladies article in Royal Photographic Society Magazine (2014)
  • Artists Book Fairs in LondonManchesterLeedsLiverpool (2007-14)
  • BBC Bristol filmed for Original Features with Nick Knowles (2010)
  • a-n Blogger of the Month, July 2009

Public & Private Collections & Commissions:
  • Artists’ book held in Tate Collection, London, Leeds Art College & National Library of Wales
  • Artists’ books, drawing, paintings and conceptual work held in private collections

  • 2011-2013 Research Assistant to Charles Quick, Professor of Public Art Practice, UCLan (p/t)
  • 1991-2014 Working full time and from 2003 part time in the IT industry in a variety of customer facing, process driven project roles, managing teams, individuals and processess (18 years at Fujitsu)

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